Explainer Kit for Workers

Putting Facts and Figures in the Hands of Workplace Leaders

Workers face a range of major challenges early in the twenty first century and it is important to build strong, well-informed labour movements. The most effective way to do that is through education.

The Carmichael Centre has been established with the aim of providing a valuable educational resource for these efforts and inspiring an emerging generation of workplace delegates and leaders to immerse themselves in new learning and skills development.

For this purpose, the Carmichael Centre is developing a resource kit to educate union delegates and others about current labour policy issues. The Explainer's Kit provides accessible and digestible fact sheet-based information based on credible statistical evidence produced by researchers, academics and activists. Each fact sheet aims to educate delegates and other workplace/union leaders on issues that are of relevance to the lives of working Australians, and on topics that they may not be able to access by other educational pathways.

The Explainer's Kit has three components:

  1. A series of downloadable fact sheets.
  2. A hard-copy kit with all the fact sheets (available upon request).
  3. A series of videos summarising each fact sheet for easy sharing on social media platforms.

The fact sheets available in the Explainer's Kit series are listed below.

  1. The Crisis of Wage Stagnation in Australia
  2. Insecure and Casual Employment: Causes and Consequences
  3. Women Workers in Australia (Gender Inequality in the Labour Market)
  4. Sustainable Jobs in a Just Transition to a Climate Friendly Future
  5. Peace is Trade Union Business
  6. The AUKUS Submarines Deal
  7. The Value of Public Investment in our TAFE system (coming soon)
  8. Industrial Relations Reform (coming soon)
  9. Media Monopoly in Australia (coming soon)
  10. The Instability of the Global Economy (coming soon)