About the Carmichael Centre

The Carmichael Centre, within the Centre for Future Work at The Australia Institute, is named in honour of Laurie Carmichael, the legendary manufacturing unionist who passed away in 2018 at the age of 93.


“The Carmichael Centre will carry on Laurie Carmichael’s mission, based on his conviction that strong, innovative unions can help build a better society for all,”
Andrew Dettmer, National President of the AMWU


“Laurie Carmichael was a principled, innovative, progressive union leader who understood that workers need collective power to make economic, social and democratic progress. We are so glad his ideas will receive the continued attention and study they deserve, through the work of the Carmichael Centre,”
Sally McManus, ACTU Secretary


"Laurie Carmichael’s legacy will live on through the work of the Carmichael Centre, ensuring that we are able to build a deeper understanding of the collective power of unions and the importance of building a just, civil and progressive society for all. This is critically important for the AEU as it is our members in preschools, schools and TAFE who educate the next generation of unionists and workers."
Correna Haythorpe, AEU Federal President


“The values Dad fought for all his life are more important than ever: fairness, equality, democracy, and peace. I am deeply proud that his legacy lives on, including through the work of the Carmichael Centre,” Carmichael Jr. said.
Laurie Carmichael Jr.


“The Distinguished Research Fellow will make a very important contribution to progressive labour research in Australia. We are deeply honoured to host the Carmichael Centre, and to advance Laurie’s vision of a better, fairer world of work,”
Ben Oquist, Executive Director, The Australia Institute

Among other activities, the Carmichael Centre hosts a three-year Distinguished Research Fellow, who will conduct and publish research on themes related to Carmichael’s legacy, including:

  • industrial relations;
  • social policy;
  • manufacturing and industry policy;
  • vocational education; and
  • international labour solidarity.

A Carmichael Centre lecture will be held annually, with a prominent labour leader speaking on Carmichael’s legacy.

The Carmichael Centre will also host a digital archive of Carmichael’s writings and other contributions to public discourse.

Read the Media Release about the Carmichael Centre here.